Evgeny Lebedev

Great Ormond Street donations hit £2m in record-breaking Christmas appeal

The Evening Standard Friday 8 January 2016

Today we are thrilled to announce that this year’s appeal for Great Ormond Street Hospital has become our most successful Christmas campaign ever.

Thanks to you, our readers, we’ve raised £2 million — with a month still to go.

What difference does £2 million make? It means lifesaving research.

It means equipping a brand new heart unit.

It means the Louis Dundas Centre can continue breaking ground in the field of children’s palliative care.

This incredible sum will buy a lot, but as I have seen first-hand throughout our Give to GOSH appeal, the most precious items are the incalculable ones: a moment of reassurance for anxious parents; the flash of a smile from a little girl, suddenly with something to smile about.

These are the things that your generosity has bought.

They are also reminders of the power of our journalism to inspire.

Whether in cheques through the post, donations made online, or, this month, through people giving up a luxury to be sponsored via our JustGiving page, the money has kept on coming.

The lifesaving power of chocolate denial is extraordinary to behold.

In the weeks to come, we hope you will keep giving.

Further funds will let us help even more critically ill children and ensure they receive the care and support they so desperately need in this most special of hospitals.

It is you, our readers, who have made all this possible. Thank you.